Research Projects

Below are the main projects that I am currently working on or that have concluded. Click for more information.


Environmental Justice and International Grievance Mechanisms

Grievance mechanisms have proliferated globally as a means of recourse for harm from international development projects. Yet there is no evidence that communities and ecosystems are better off. Driven by a theory of environmental justice, a content analysis of 821 complaints (1994-2016) of six multilateral development banks grievance mechanisms will identify complainants’ grievances and whether they were accepted for mediation or investigation. To go beyond the limitations of public documents, case studies of communities that engaged in mediation or investigation will be conducted to identify whether justice was served. The results provide insight into the utility of grievance mechanisms for environmental justice.

Accountability in Global Environmental Governance (AGEG)

This project seeks to build a path-breaking map of accountability gaps and their causes in global environmental governance. The AGEG is a collaborative network of scholars from all over the world that will advance our research on the analytical problem of accountability in earth system governance.

Accountability of the Multilateral Development Banks

This project examines the rise, spread and efficacy of accountability mechanisms that have been created by Multilateral Development Banks to redress the negative impacts of development projects on local communities. I have consulted for the Asian Development Bank on improving outreach for their Accountability Mechanism and presented my work at the 2014 meeting of the accountability mechanisms in London.

Greening the World Bank Group

In my first book I detailed the process of greening the World Bank Group. This research research project is now complete.