Accountability of the Multilateral Development Banks

Examining the Independent Grievance Mechanisms of the Banks

Susan Park, University of Sydney, International Relations, Multilateral Development Banks Research

Project Aims and Goals

In 1993 the World Bank created its Inspection Panel to investigate whether the Bank had caused environmental and social harm to communities while financing development projects. Within a decade the African, Asian, Inter-American Development Banks and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development had followed suit.

This research project investigates why the mechanisms were created, why they continue to be reformulated, and whether they impact on the Banks work and provide recourse to project affected people.

The research for the project has concluded and the results are now being disseminated.

Database: Claims Submitted to the Multilateral Development Bank Accountability Mechanisms 1994-2016

Data and Publications

Refer to the following pages for information about the accountability mechanisms at the banks

The World Bank Inspection Panel

The World Bank Group Compliance Advisor Ombudsman

The African Development Bank Independent Review Panel

The Asian Development Bank Accountability Mechanism

The InterAmerican Development Bank Independent Consultation and Investigations Mechanism

The following texts were produced as part of the project

  • Park, S. (2015). Assessing Accountability in Practice: The Asian Development Bank’s Accountability Mechanism. Global Policy, 6(4), 455-465. [More Information]

  • Park, S. (2014). Institutional isomorphism and the Asian Development Bank's accountability mechanism: something old, something new; something borrowed, something blue? The Pacific Review, 27(2), 217-239. [More Information]

  • Park, S., McConchie, R., Walters, E., Goodwin, N. (2011). Outreach for Good Governance and Development Effectiveness through the Accountability Mechanism, (pp. 8 - 62). , UNSPECIFIED: Asian Development Bank. [More Information]

Susan Park, University of Sydney, International Relations, Multilateral Development Banks Research

Organisations and Links

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The World Bank

The African Development Bank

The Asian Development Bank

The Inter-American Development Bank

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development